The Shock of a Cancer Diagnosis

A cancer diagnosis can turn your world upside down. You feel panic to do something — almost anything — with pressure coming from everywhere. No one is ever prepared for this diagnosis!

One major concern is how to finesse cancer into a sustainable remission. Often, this can be done safely and effectively. Under these circumstances, information is the most valuable commodity in the world. It has to be fast, accurate, comprehensive and personal. It must screen out all biases of cancer economics and politics.

Our research is far more complex than simply finding drugs that remove cancer cells. We are investigating methods to reverse multiple drug resistance, cachexia, cell-mediated immunity, ascites and pleural effusion, inflammatory conditions, lymphedema, sepsis, and other toxic states. We are also tracking methods for fast and accurate monitoring of progress, as well as amassing all cancer-related literature worldwide. Additionally, we are coordinating our efforts with other cutting edge clinics and laboratories throughout the world.