About CSNO

Founded in the year 2001, The Natural Oncology Institute, Inc. is a premier educational resource and client advocacy organization focused on helping people with cancer. CSNO finds and presents the facts as known by the brightest scientists, researchers, and clinicians from around the world.

CSNO commissions its own studies in areas where knowledge is lacking. Information is presented after reviewing all research available to assist the client in making an educated decision about their health plan and finding the best course of treatment for their specific situation.

The Center fully respects the important role of traditional patient/provider relationships. Clients coming to the Center seek information about research and clinical experience with what works, and what doesn't work, for those with cancer. Many alternative cancer therapies complement traditional treatments. CSNO provides information to any care providers about the safety, application and efficacy of alternative therapies as part of an integrated approach to cancer treatment.

About Vincent Gammill

Vincent Gammill, director of the Mango RetreatVincent was a pharmaceutical designer and consultant who chose to work with natural products and methods whenever possible. He became well known in the international clinics for the effectiveness of certain cancer vaccines he developed. There were so many cancer meds that had benefit but were ignored because they did not make money for the industry that he finally threw in the towel and said, "Enough!" He wanted to create a non-profit where cancer patients could get a honest answers from someone who knew both conventional and alternative medicine and could give honest answers without sizing up their wallet. He set up The Natural Oncology Institute as a non-profit in 2001. During the first few years there were no charges for consultations. He had a donor who covered all costs plus funded his laboratory where he worked on PARP inhibitors and conjugate vaccines.

When the donor retired Vincent closed the lab and opened the Mango Retreat Program as the main part of the Center’s focus. Program participants could come for a week to the live-in program, sort through all available information and zero in on the best candidate therapies. The patients must have somewhere to go where they can get straight unbiased answers without someone sizing them up for their money. Vincent did everything possible to help participants track down what they needed and obtain any meds at cost. Nothing was sold. No claims were made.

The program came to a crashing stop late in 2009 when Vincent himself was diagnosed with widely metastatic colorectal cancer. He carefully selected various cancer strategies, both conventional and alternative and refused the expected standard-of-care surgery — a pelvic exenteration as part of an abdominal perineal resection. He knew full well what would happen if he did this or if he limited himself to conventional therapies. He saw his last oncologist when the oncologist told him in May, 2010 that he would be dead by October if he refused the surgery.

Vincent devised his own protocol just as he would help find one for any program participant at the Mango Retreat Program. He regained all lost weight and all pelvic function. He does arrange for an annual MRI to make sure the cancer is gone, but he has not seen an oncologist for over three years. His health is fully restored and the Center has been running smoothly, working both to extend lives and to help the participants conserve resources.